The Ministry of Public Works, Land and Housing (MoPWL&H) is a Government of Somaliland Central Management Agency responsible for formulating and implementing policies and programs for the Urban, Land, Housing and Works sub-sectors of the infrastructure sector.

The Ministry of Public Works, Land and Housing’s roles and responsibilities are determined by a variety of legislative and other mandates, as described hereunder. 

              Constitutional Mandate 
The Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland (2001) is the supreme law of the country and makes provision for other legislations regarding planning and performance monitoring across the three spheres of government. The Constitutional mandate for the ministry is provided in Chapter 3, Part 3, of the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland, 2001 [The Constitution] which locuses on the council of ministers. In executing its functional mandate, MoPWL&H needs to take notice of the following in the Constitution: 

The Ministry of Public Works, Land and Housing’s vision is aiming at painting an inspiring picture of a preferred future. It is not time-bound and serves as a foundation for all policy development and planning, including strategic planning. The MoPWL&H’s vision is: 

Green and environmentally friendly urban centers where citizens enjoy accessible and affordable housing, quality services provided by modern infrastructure and safe buildings”

“The Mission is to ensure quality infrastructure delivery, sustainable land management, well-developed urban centers and decent housing for all.